Get Involved

For VMDB to succeed in this project and become a useful tool for continuing research into the general health and welfare of our companion animal population, we depend on the collaboration of practices and their clients. If you are happy with the project as it is outlined here, you can complete and submit the Participant Consent form to share your practice’s data with the VMDB. If you have more questions, please contact us.

What is VMDB for?

You are invited to participate in a study that collects electronic animal health records from primary veterinary practices. The VMDB project aims to identify the prevalence and severity of disease syndromes and specific diseases seen in the general population of cats, dogs, and equids (horses, ponies, and donkeys) and to analyze the importance of potential risk factors such as breed, age, and sex as well as to help generate useful information as well as how these diseases are treated.

Despite concerns from veterinarians, researchers and the public of the high level of certain disorders seen, there is limited published information on the prevalence of diseases in companion animal populations and their causes at a population level. VMDB aims to fill that gap and provide a baseline of this information.

The project aims to deliver an ongoing, online, companion animal disease and treatment surveillance and information system. It will monitor trends of disease prevalence, how these diseases are treated and success of control programs over time.